Coding Projects

Miscellaneous Coding Projects

Census Data Aggregator: While at the Los Angeles Times Data Desk, I worked to add functionality to the Census data aggregator, an open source Python library that helps aggregate data from the census while still accounting for margin of error.

stringr Vignette: I wrote a vignette to help users transition from performing string operations in base R to using the tidyverse stringr package.

Wealth Tax Shiny App: UC Berkeley economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman analyzed Senator Elizabeth Warren’s proposal for a wealth tax, and Fernando Hoces de la Guardia from the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS) wanted to turn their work into an open policy analysis (OPA). I created the interactive visualization portion of this project.

Travel Time to Greenspaces: I helped Riona Sheik crunch some numbers to supplement her story on access to public outdoor spaces via public transportation in Los Angeles (check out the plot).

Cabinet of Curiosity : I play a supporting role in Ciera Martinez’s natural history data project . She works with students to make natural history data acessible and visible to data scientists.

KidzBop Lyrics: Inspired by a tweet from @waxpancacke, I created a quick visualization of the changes KidzBop singers make to the lyrics of the songs they cover.