My name is Sara Stoudt. I am a fifth year student in the UC Berkeley Statistics Department and a Berkeley Institute for Data Science Fellow. Prior to being a BIDS Fellow, I was supported by a National Physical Sciences Consortium Fellowship with the National Institute of Standards and Technology and part of the Data Science for the 21st Century: Environment and Society Training Program .

My research focus is on ecological applications of statistics, and I am advised by Will Fithian and Perry de Valpine. We are currently working on assessing the identifiability and robustness of inference under model misspecification in species distribution models and creating diagnostics that assess the model fit of more complicated joint species distribution models. I am also involved in teaching writing for statistics with Professor Deborah Nolan.

Previously, I received a B.A. in Mathematics from Smith College with an emphasis on Statistics . Ask me about DataFest or Statsbites.

Email: sstoudt at berkeley dot edu
Address: 331 Evans Hall, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720