My name is Sara Stoudt. I am a fourth year student in the UC Berkeley Statistics Department and a Berkeley Institute for Data Science Fellow. Prior to being a BIDS Fellow, I was supported by a National Physical Sciences Consortium Fellowship with the National Institute of Standards and Technology and part of the Data Science for the 21st Century: Environment and Society Training Program .

My research focus is on ecological applications of statistics, and I am advised by Will Fithian and Perry de Valpine. We are currently working on assessing the identifiability and robustness of inference under model misspecification in species distribution models. I am also involved in teaching writing for statistics with Professor Deborah Nolan.

Previously, I received a B.A. in Mathematics from Smith College with an emphasis on Statistics . Ask me about DataFest or Statsbites.

Email: sstoudt at berkeley dot edu
Address: 331 Evans Hall, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720